Is Sight Reading becoming a lost art?


Teaching rhythm has certainly been done for forever and obviously still is.  However, what seems to have been missing in doing so for forever is a system or method for processing and understanding rhythms.  With these books, you get that!  

Mr. Dan Leonard, through his years of teaching, developed a system of Counting, Clapping, and Tapping Your Foot that enables students to understand the duration of notes as well as learn how to sub-divide more complex rhythms. The exercises included have been written masterfully; combining tradition and a more innovative approach whereas things are not written as you would typically see them.

These things together make the student have to think and depend on his or herself.  

It is an intuitive method that uses a brick-by-brick approach that gives the music student confidence in discerning simple as well as more complex rhythms. 


meet the author

Mr. Dan Leonard

Mr. Dan Leonard is a recognized expert in the field of music education. His work has received state, national and international acclaim. He has taught and directed bands of all levels: elementary, junior high, high school, and college. 

Hundreds of Mr. Leonard’s students are now accomplished professional musicians, band directors, teachers, and writers. He has been the owner of the Leonard School of Music located in Charleston, SC since 1970 which was started by his father, Patrick J. Leonard in 1945. He continues to teach there as well as other schools in the Charleston area.